fifth-eighth grade spanish Curriculum

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In middle school Spanish, we are living la vida latina as we work through practical situations and traditional experiences in the Spanish-speaking world. Both the linguistic and cultural elements inherent in studying a new language are important to the teachers, and are central to our middle school Spanish curriculum. Working through this curriculum, students gain useful, functional language skills to support their continued journey toward fluency and success in high school Spanish, as well as develop a deepening understanding of Latin America as dynamic, diverse place.

A description of our curriculum follows.

Fifth and Sixth Grades: Students practice and enhance their current vocabulary through thematic units of study and through the immersion activities described below. Students continue to practice using regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, and learn the future and the imperative. Students participate in a year-long soap opera presented in class.

Seventh and Eighth Grades: Students continue to develop fluency in the present and future tenses and learn to speak in the past tense (both preterit and imperfect). Vocabulary is expanded through reading, writing, and listening activities as well as through our oral language immersion in class.

· Students complete long-term homework assignments that require them to find, read, listen to, and communicate in Spanish, and integrate their learning with the Spanish resources available in the local community.
· Students perform plays and skits to practice authentic dialogue.
· Students are able to read simple, connected texts with full understanding.
· Students complete authentic tasks and projects while communicating entirely in Spanish such as calling 911 and getting directions when lost.
· Students locate political and physical landmarks on maps of the Spanish-speaking world.
· Through a series of projects completed entirely in Spanish, students gain a constantly deepening understanding of the racism and discrimination facing Spanish-speaking immigrants in California.
· Students will celebrate important holidays such as el Día de Independencia, el Día de los Muertos, El Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, Las Posadas and Cinco de Mayo in México and the US.
· Students research and are presented with Latin American current events and related historical events.

Art & Language Night!

In the spring semester of our "B Year" of study, students in all grades showcase their art, theater, songs and projects from Spanish class as well as from Art, Music and Breakfast Club (Advanced Sign Language), during our Art and Language Night! Don't miss this evening to see and hear the exciting Spanish language acquisition taking place at Cascade Canyon School!

High School Placement

Graduates of our Spanish program who have demonstrated proficiency in acquiring and applying their Spanish language skills are often placed into second or third year Spanish in high school.