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A Message From The Head of School

Welcome to Cascade Canyon School!

It is my sincere pleasure to be part of the Cascade Canyon School community. In the course of my day-to-day interactions with students, staff, and parents, I am constantly struck by the sense of joy that underlies everything we do. This is school as it should be – personal, inclusive, responsive, creative, and dynamic.

My background includes 20 years as a teacher and 9 years as an administrator. I’ve worked in large, small, public, and private, US and overseas schools and have finally landed in place that gets it right – a school that values the hearts and challenges the minds of children. Last year, we celebrated our 35th years as a school, just after moving to a new campus with facilities that fully support the quality progressive education we provide our students. With the addition of a technology classroom, an expanded art space, a dedicated science lab, and thriving a STEAM program, we offer our students multiple pathways to creativity.

Our thoughtful, intentional focus on social–emotional intelligence in combination with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum allows our students to experience an optimal balance of academic challenge, interpersonal connection, and creative expression.

When I ask people how they feel about Cascade Canyon School, I consistently hear the words "community" and "family." You feel it when you walk through our classrooms, you see it in how community members of all ages interact, and you hear it in the pride that shines though when our students talk about their learning. It doesn’t take long to realize that students, teachers, and parents are deeply connected to this school.

If you would like to learn more about what makes Cascade Canyon School such an exceptional place to learn, please call or email to arrange a visit. We look forward to meeting you!


Michelle Herron
Head of School


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