A Progressive and Inclusive Education


Cascade Canyon School teachers, students, and families work together to foster intellectual, social–emotional, physical, and creative development. Within our connected kindergarten through eighth grade community, we cherish cross-age experiences and constructive relationships. We create a joyful environment in which children are encouraged to express their individuality and take risks. Our students are actively engaged in hands-on learning, creative thinking, and environmental exploration. Teachers emphasize collaborative and independent learning, differentiation, integrated curriculum, and inquiry. A Cascade Canyon School education provides students with the academic expertise, self-awareness, and ingenuity needed to thrive in today's world. Our graduates are confident, socially conscious, articulate, and eager to pursue their passions.


We challenge students to think deeply.

We engage students in active learning.

We inspire students to express themselves creatively.

We encourage students to connect mindfully.


Cascade Canyon School actively welcomes students, families, and staff members from diverse backgrounds. Admissions, hiring, educational policies, financial aid, the academic program and activities, and all rights and privileges are offered without regard to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, economics, family structure, disability, religion, ancestry, age, or national origin.