music Curriculum

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Global Guest Artist Program: 

Cascade Canyon has a Guest Artist for music education, stemming from our commitment to Global Education. We partner with local musicians and music organizations, Youth in Arts and Cross Pulse, bringing a diverse set of musicians and teachers into our classrooms to work with our students. The music program continues to include the core strands of movement, singing, and instrumental work.

Each semester, the music curriculum is shaped anew by the culture, passions and expertise of the artists who join us.


Guest artists that have worked with the school include:

Djenane Saint Juste, Youth in Arts: Haitian Music and Dance
Daniel Mattar, Youth in Arts: Brazilian Music and Capoeira

Evie Ladin, Cross Pulse: Body Percussion and Appalachian Song and Dance

Music Core Curriculum Outline:

The Cascade Canyon Music curriculum provides the opportunity for a well-rounded musical education, including music literacy, singing, composition, improvisation, creative movement, music technology and instrumental performance. With an emphasis on Kodaly, ORFF and Dalcroze techniques, students develop rhythmic and melodic awareness as they learn experientially, moving from the known to the unknown. Through listening, creation, analysis and performance, the students express themselves, acquire skills, develop creativity and gain an appreciation for world cultures. Guest artists and field trips are scheduled to enhance the spectrum of learning.

Students take a period of chorus and a period of music.

Musical performances are given throughout the year in assorted settings: The Variety Show in November, Winter Celebration in December, the Language and Arts Festival in March (the main chorus concert) and the Poetry Cafe in May.