theatre Curriculum

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The first goal of the theater program is to help the students explore who they are and to feel comfortable sharing that with others. The second goal is to help them find their voice and communicate that with joy and confidence to the world outside of their own experience. The third goal is to understand the 'give and take' of creating together; learning to share the stage with grace.

Each class begins with face, body, and voice warm-ups, character movement, group coordination activities and improvisational situations. After a short introduction of one aspect of theater, the students divide into groups and are challenged to create skits demonstrating their understanding of that particular aspect. They learn to give positive critiques of how successful they were in meeting that challenge. We explore storytelling, pantomime, monologue, speech, characterization, theater settings (the temples, the market places, the palaces, the open stage, the empty field), costumes and props and script writing, all of course at the appropriate developmental level.


(in addition to specialists in various areas of theater who are kind enough to give their time and energy)

Take a Bow, Pamela Marx

Free to Be, Be, Be, Monica Sloane

Creative Dramatics for Children, Maureen McCurry Cresci

Story Dramas: A New Literature Experience for Children, Gretchen Courtney and Sarah Jossart

Live on Stage! Carla Blank and Jody Roberts

Classic Radio Plays for the Classroom, Henry Yelts

Monologues for Young Actors, Collective Drama Teachers