Launched in 2022 as a resource for wellness enthusiasts, Cascade Canyon is quickly establishing itself as a trustworthy resource for joint health tips and supplement reviews online. Science-based and highly informed, the CascadeCanyon catalog shares in-depth information and solutions for joint function, flexibility, and athletic performance.

This website was born out of a passion for helping people struggling from joint pain and inflammation – as I once did.

My Story

My name is Mark Robinson. I am a fitness nut from the U.S. with a degree in food science and technology.

Not to bore you to tears with my autobiography, I was born and raised in Colorado. I always considered myself to be a normal, healthy guy. That is, until I experienced the first signs of my joint issues.

I vividly remember the morning when I got out of bed with stiff legs, only to experience agonizing pain shooting through my left knee. Not only was my planned 18km semi-marathon brought into question, I thought this was the end of my youthful mobility. Luckily I was wrong…

When the whole world situation hit, people realized they needed to keep fit. Many saw themselves reaching for running shoes and pulling the sheets off their dusty bicycles. I was no different.

Getting from the couch to my first 5km felt surprisingly easy. I ran with a few aches and pains – nothing big. So the plan to run a full-on marathon was born.

As my training stepped up, so did my joint stiffness, pain, and lack of mobility.

This was only getting worse and worse, so I decided I need to start looking into my diet and supplementation to help offset the issue.


Having tested different joint supplements, I found that none quite cut it. My pain and discomfort extended into everyday life.

Losing track of the different herbs, cheap products, and jargon-based expensive supplements got me nowhere. The half-marathons 18km was stalling at 5km.

Waking up with knees cracking and squeaking around the house, legs like stiff planks, it was difficult to recover from my runs and find the motivation to keep going.

Me and my wife, who helped me a lot through this, couldn’t believe how far behind conventional joint health products were.

Bringing Change

At this point, I realized that frustration was getting me nowhere, and that I need to embark on my own journey of self-exploration and experimentation – something I now refer to as “biohacking.”

With thousands of hours of nutrition books and PubMed studies under my belt, I slowly but surely got the grasp on how to naturally manage – and reverse – my joint issues.

The majority of joint products on the market were completely ineffective. I stumbled upon only a handful, truly effective pharma-strength natural joint supplements. Ones that don’t just focus on one area of joint care. Instead offering protection, pain reduction, and long-term support for everyone’s joints, at every age and from every walk of life.

With the help of a few good friends and experts in orthopedics, athletes, and clients who were our guinea pigs (you know who you are – I will always be grateful) – we created Cascade Canyon. Our goal? To help people with joint issues not get ripped off on ineffective and low-quality products, and find the supplements that can truly help.

So, What Does Cascade Canyon Do?

Cascade Canyon is a site where you’ll see me and a team of professionals and amazing people share their opinion on joint health and joint products, which are growing in popularity.

We realize there is a lot of misinformation in this particular market, and we want to be a resource you can trust. At the moment, our focus will be on joint supplements, creams, and patches. As the site grows, we will be expanding our content – watch this space.

Speaking of Which…

Cascade Canyon is still in its early stages! Allow us some time to grow this into a site everyone can enjoy. We are grateful for your patience and can’t wait to share our information with as many of you as possible with our articles and reviews.