Boxing With Arthritis

If you have arthritis in your hands, wrists, elbows, or shoulders, you can still box. You’ll just need to modify the way that you punch. If the pain is too severe and boxing is not an option for you, Muay Thai might be a good alternative.

In general, boxing and other martial arts are perfect for people of all ages. They provide a physical outlet, a sense of community, and an effective way to do cardio and lose weight. Consider it as a way to take care of your body while also having fun!

The only problem is if you have severe arthritis. Typically, boxing can help alleviate some of the arthritis symptoms, but if the condition is too severe, it may not be an appropriate sport for you. The key to fighting pain is to control the level of your exercise.

If you have severe arthritis in one arm, minimize the amount of time that it stays at waist height and focus on exercises that keep both arms at shoulder height or above. You can also try lower-intensity workouts (e.g., walking, swimming) so that they are easier on your joints and less painful overall.

Can You Box With Arthritis?

Boxing is generally seen as a great form of exercise if you have arthritis. It is a low-impact exercise and the intensity can be modified depending on your pain level.

If you do decide to try boxing, it is important to find a coach with experience working with athletes with arthritis. A good coach will know how to work around your limitations and will provide modifications for your condition.

Other Things to Consider

What about painkillers? Boxing and arthritis tend not to go together well because of the nature of the sport. Many medications can impair an athlete‚Äôs performance, including some painkillers. If you choose to take any medications, it is important to talk to your coach and doctor about what the effects might be. For some people, boxing is not an option due to the sport’s risks.

Boxers are at risk for injury, even more so when you have arthritis. Luckily, there are other options for those who are looking for a physical activity that doesn’t involve a high risk of injury. If you decide that you cannot participate in boxing due to arthritis or other medical condition, consider alternative fighting sports such as Taekwondo, Wrestling, or Judo.

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