Middle School Header

Middle School

Our focus in middle school is on building academic and leadership skills. Middle school students are leaders in our K-8 learning community. Their heightened self-awareness and self-control contribute to their success as role models at Cascade Canyon. The middle school program emphasizes depth over breadth and builds upon the foundation established in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Middle school students work at a higher level of abstraction -- analyzing, synthesizing, and applying their knowledge in new and exciting ways.

Social Emotional Learning

Our close-knit learning community fosters self-awareness, confidence, trust, responsibility, empathy, and kindness. Students learn to constructively resolve conflict and use positive communication.

Sixth Grade

Problem Solving & Perspective

The sixth grade curriculum delves deeper into more challenging, and often more abstract content. Students are expected to sustain focus over longer periods of time. They learn to read and write with greater sophistication, tolerate ambiguity, weigh multiple perspectives, recognize patterns, and solve interesting problems.

Seventh Grade

Character Building & Self-Awareness

Seventh grade at Cascade Canyon equips students with a variety of critical thinking strategies and a wide array of transferable skills in the areas of self-expression, problem-solving, organization, collaboration, and interpersonal development. Students extend their learning and develop research and presentation skills through integrated projects. On the social-emotional front, students continue to grow and become more confident. They learn to advocate for themselves and plan for their future endeavors.

Eighth Grade

Academic & Social Confidence

The eighth grade curriculum is designed to prepare students for the rigors of high school. Students develop the strategies and skills necessary to think critically, solve problems, stay organized, and collaborate with their peers. Eighth graders become more confident learners and learn to advocate for themselves and others.