MoveMD vs Relief Factor: Which One is Better?

Relief Factor vs MoveMD

TL;DR MoveMD vs Relief Factor Summary

Both MoveMD and Relief Factor offer some joint health benefits, but both of them have downsides. MoveMD contains collagen which is iffy in terms of effectiveness, whereas Relief Factor is overpriced – containing some unproven ingredients and lacking other important joint health compounds. Between the two, though, Relief Factor has a superior formula and is therefore our winner, but for the $99.95 that it costs, you can find better options on the market for less money.

What do we recommend?

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About the Supplements

MoveMD: This supplement is marketed as a comprehensive joint health solution that may help you dodge those nagging joint aches. It promises benefits that can kick in as early as 5 days and continue over time. With ingredients like AprèsFlex® and Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin, it appears to lean heavily on antioxidant properties.

Relief Factor: The big talk of the town! Relief Factor is raved about by many for its potential to manage joint pain, reduce chronic inflammation, and bolster joint function. While it doesn’t focus on joint mobility or flexibility as much, it sure has gained a reputation for dialing down on joint discomfort.


MoveMD Ingredients and Dosages:

MoveMD Ingredients
  1. AprèsFlex Boswellia serrata Gum Resin Extract: 100 mg – A promising ingredient known for its potential benefits in reducing joint pain.
  2. Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin Algae Extract: 2 mg – Used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, though the dosage is on the lower end.
  3. Types I, V, and X Eggshell Membrane Collagen: 100 mg – Animal studies hint at its effectiveness, but more human-based research would be golden.
  4. Type II Chicken Sternum Collagen: 280 mg – Another form of collagen believed to maintain healthy joints.
  5. Hyaluronic Acid: 25 mg – While great when injected into joints, as an oral supplement, it may not hit the mark.

Relief Factor Ingredients and Dosages:

Relief Factor Ingredients Label & Information
  1. Japanese fleeceflower (96% resveratrol): 70 mg – This one is a head-scratcher. There’s no concrete evidence that it benefits joint health.
  2. Epimedium (20% Icariin): 200 mg – More commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, and not a typical joint supplement ingredient. Its relevance here is questionable.
  3. EPA: 647 mg and DHA: 253 mg – Omega-3s are wonderful for inflammation. Though the doses here might not be sufficient for significant relief from joint pain.
  4. Turmeric (18% curcuminoids): 667 mg – Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin which is famed for its anti-inflammatory properties. Yet, the absence of black pepper means you won’t get the most out of it. Black pepper is needed to enhance its absorption.

Differences in Formulas

MoveMD: MoveMD offers a fresh take on joint health, particularly with its unique choice of collagen types I, V, and X, which most joint supplements steer clear of. The presence of AprèsFlex Boswellia serrata is a welcome addition, as it has scientific backing for joint pain relief in certain cases. However, its inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid might not be as effective orally as it is when injected directly into your joints.

Relief Factor: Relief Factor’s formula comes across as a bit of a mixed bag. It incorporates well-known ingredients like omega-3s and turmeric, which have been known to fight inflammation. But, the formula misses the mark by including unproven ingredients like Japanese fleeceflower and Epimedium. Plus, there’s the lack of black pepper extract (BioPerine), which could have maximized turmeric’s effectiveness.

In essence, MoveMD opts for a collagen-focused approach with antioxidant support, whereas Relief Factor leans on anti-inflammatory agents but falters with some unconventional choices.

Both supplements should give you some degree of joint pain reduction, it’s hard to say which one is better – it’s going to vary from person to person. Some people react better to omega-3s, in which case, Relief Factor has the edge. But others react better for collagen and Boswellia serrata, in which case, MoveMD takes the win.

Recommendations for Different People

For those seeking a Collagen-boost: MoveMD might be your best bet. With its unique blend of collagen types, it aims to strengthen and maintain healthy joints.

If Inflammation is your primary concern: While Relief Factor does offer omega-3s and turmeric, the dosage might not be optimal. But if you’re keen on trying a combination of these ingredients in one supplement, give it a shot. Just remember, for best results with turmeric, consider pairing it with a separate black pepper supplement to improve its absorption.

Those on a tight budget: It’s crucial to note that both these supplements come at a hefty price. However, MoveMD offers a more flexible pricing model with discounts on bulk purchases or subscriptions.

Overall, neither one is the best option that is available on the market.

Side Effects – Are There Any?

MoveMD: Generally, the ingredients in MoveMD are considered safe for most people. However, individuals with allergies to chicken or eggs should be cautious due to the specific types of collagen present.

Relief Factor: Relief Factor also seems relatively safe for the general populace, but there are concerns. For one, the inclusion of Japanese fleeceflower and Epimedium—though unconventional for a joint supplement—could bring about unknown side effects given their limited study in this context. Additionally, high doses of turmeric might cause stomach upset in some people.


MoveMD: At first glance, MoveMD’s $49.99 price tag for a 30-day supply might seem steep. But the brand does offer pricing flexibility. A subscription model drops the price to $39.99, and if you’re confident in its efficacy, a 6-month package further reduces the cost to $29.99 per bottle.

Relief Factor: Relief Factor’s pricing is a bit more complicated. The initial $19.95 offer might seem like a steal, but there’s a catch. Subsequent automatic credit card charges peg the price at a whopping $99.95 for a two-month supply. This setup has been a pain point for some customers, and the lack of a money-back guarantee adds another layer of caution.

Final Thoughts

Both MoveMD and Relief Factor present unique blends aimed at alleviating joint discomfort. MoveMD, with its collagen-centric formula, offers a fresh perspective and the promise of quick relief. On the other hand, Relief Factor’s mix of recognized and unproven ingredients is both its strength and its Achilles’ heel.

If you’re leaning towards collagen support, MoveMD seems like a more transparent choice. But if you’re eyeing anti-inflammatory benefits, you might want to explore beyond Relief Factor due to its sub-optimal dosages and some questionable inclusions.

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