Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: Which Should You Get?

Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex - Which is Better?

Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: which is the better supplement for joint pain, flexibility, and function?

In this article, we bring these two dietary supplements face to face to see which one is better for you.

Osteo Bi Flex vs Omega XL Summary:

While neither Omega XL nor Osteo Bi Flex make it on our “top joint supplements” list, Osteo Bi Flex is the winner of the two.

It has more ingredients (8 compared to Osteo Bi Flex’s 3), and is more effective at doing what it claims. A.K.A, helping you with joint pain and mobility.

Omega XL doesn’t show us the doses of its ingredients, as they’re all hidden within a proprietary blend.

Additionally, the manufacturer’s claims about Omega XL are false – it is not more effective than regular fish oil, and is far worse value for money.

What do we recommend?

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Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: Product Overview

About Omega XL

Omega XL (sometimes mistyped as “OmegaXL”), is one of the most popular omega-3 oil supplements on sale. Its manufacturer, Great Healthworks, spends massive amounts of funds on their ad campaigns for Omega XL, which in part explains the hype online.

So what does Omega XL do?

According to the manufacturer, Omega XL is an anti-inflammatory omega-3 supplement that is superior to your typical fish oil pills in several days:

  1. Contains 22 times the amount of free fatty acids
  2. Relieves joint inflammation and aches
  3. Improved absorption
  4. No aftertaste or fishy burps

This is an interesting angle Great Healthworks is taking. It’s well known by now that omega-3s lower inflammation. As a result, they can reduce your joint pain caused by inflammatory conditions like arhtiris.

But Great Healthworks says that Omega XL is far more bioavailable than regular fish oil. In addition, we’re promised 22 times more fatty acids than from a standard omega-3 supplement, which is massive.

But can Omega XL really do all it claims? Is it better than Osteo Bi Flex?

We find out below.

About Osteo Bi Flex

Much like its competitor, Osteo Bi Flex is an extremely popular joint stack. It’s been among the top-seller products in the joint pain and flexibility category for a while now.

The manufacturer of Osteo Bi Flex says you will get these benefits from the supplement:

  • Improved joint mobility
  • Less joint stiffness
  • Relief from joint pain

What’s more, Osteo Bi Flex says it delivers a relief from joint pain within just 7 days. This is quite a bold claim! There are very few supplements on the market that work this quickly.

Normally, it takes a few weeks for the best joint supplements to start working, as it takes time to repair your connective tissues and quench systemic inflammation. Essentially, with the best joint stacks, you can expect the benefits to accumulate over time – but they don’t normally show right away.

Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: Comparing the Ingredients

The ingredients are the most important part of any supplement. They will tell us whether Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex can deliver on their claims, and which one is better.

Omega XL Ingredients

The following are the active ingredients in Omega XL:

  • OmegaXL Proprietary Blend – 300mg
    • Green lipped mussel extract (PCSO-524) (amount unknown)
      • Omega fatty acids (amount unknown)
      • Extra virgin olive oil (amount unknown)
      • Vitamin E (amount unknown)
Omega XL Ingredients Label

Omega XL is one proprietary blend.

It doesn’t show us dosage information, making it impossible to tell how much omega-3s it contains.

This is ironic since Omega XL’s main selling point is that it contains 22x more omega-3s than regular fish oil supplements. And better quality omega-3s at that.

No matter how good the ingredients potentially are, the proprietary blend is always a red flag. It usually means the manufacturer has skimped on more expensive ingredients, and put more cheaper fillers in the product to save on production costs.

You would expect that a manufacturer that hypes their product’s groundbreaking and super-advanced formula would be proud to show it on the label. But they hide it all behind a proprietary blend.

Great Healthworks has made Omega XL out to be this amazing, innovative product fated to beat fish oil as the best supplement for joint pain, brain health, and cardiovascular function.

But when you look at the studies, the formula of this supplement is anything but “advanced,” “effective,” or “innovative.”

The proprietary blend of Omega XL is called PCSO-524. Its name might sound extremely scientific and novel, but it is simply a blend of olive and mussel oil (2:1).

Mussel oil consists of about 25-percent EPA, and 25-percent DHA. In other words, you’re getting about 50mg of omega-3s per serving of Omega XL.

This is a laughably small amount of EPA and DHA when compared to most other omega-3 supplements.

And what about the claims about Omega XL having far more “free fatty acids” than normal fish oil? Didn’t the manufacturer say it’s more effective for joint pain and inflammation?

The answer, once again, is no.

We were able to find only two studies on PCSO-524, the ingredient blend of Omega XL. Both studies were paid by the manufacturer of that blend, which blows the credibility of the study out of the water.

However, that’s not all. The study used far more PCSO-524 than what’s found in Omega XL. The study also didn’t have a proper control group – instead, opting for a fish oil group and olive oil group. Ironically, even with all the bias, the study found that the control group had better results than the PCSO-524 group!

Great Healthworks didn’t mention any of this on their website.

It doesn’t look like convincing data at all.

Considering all of its drawbacks and red flags, Omega XL is a questionable supplement at best, a borderline scam product at worst. There is absolutely no reason to be paying a premium price for Omega XL when you can get better results from a normal fish oil supplement.

The sad thing is, people are still going to fall for the fancy marketing claims of Omega XL. Claims such as “30 superior free fatty acids” and “from clean blue waters of New Zealand” sound attractive, but they mean absolutely nothing in the scientific context. The manufacturer doesn’t even tell us what these free fatty acids are exactly – it’s most likely a top secret!

Don’t let them fool you though, Omega XL is an overpriced product. If you want a high-quality, anti-inflammatory supplement for helping with joint issues, there are far better options on the market than Omega XL.

The only question is, is Osteo Bi-Flex one of them?

Osteo Bi Flex Ingredients

Here’s a look at the active ingredients of Osteo Bi-Flex:

  • Glucosamine HCl (1500mg)
  • Boswellia serrata (unknown dose)
  • Boron (unknown dose)
  • Chondroitin/MSM Complex (1103mg)
  • MSM (unknown dose)
  • Collagen (unknown dose)
  • Hyaluronic acid (unknown dose)
  • Joint Shield 5-LOXIN ADVANCED (Boswellia serrata extract) (100mg)
  • Chondroitin sulfate (unknown dose)

As shown on Osteo Bi Flex’s label:

Osteo Bi Flex Ingredients

Osteo Bi Flex is not a terrible joint supplement. Although some reviews call it a “scam,” we would disagree. Osteo Bi Flex has many positive reviews online that aren’t too far off in terms of accuracy of how this supplement works.

Compared to Omega XL, Osteo Bi Flex contains a few effective ingredients. We can also see the doses of some key ingredients, though not all.

Osteo Bi Flex too contains a proprietary blend which masks the dosese of half of its formula, but some ingredients do have their doses shown on the label.

However, Osteo Bi Flex also contains some untested and ineffective ingredients.

Put simply, Osteo Bi Flex looks like a better formula than Omega XL as a whole, but it still has some major drawbacks that make it fall behind the leading joint supplements on the market.

Glucosamine that Osteo Bi Flex is using is an excellent ingredient. Studies show that it’s highly effective at improving cartillage strength, and promoting long-term joint function.

Boswellia serrata is a plant that is also highly effective for joint health. It helps block enzymes that break down your joint tissue and cause pain. In some clinical trials, Boswellia Serrata was able to improve certain joint health markers within a week (which is where the “improvement within 7 days” claim of Osteo Bi Flex might be coming from).

However, as we said, Osteo Bi Flex is not without issues. Some of its ingredients don’t work for joint health at all.

Oral collagen supplementation doesn’t work. It passes through your stomach mostly undigested.

Hyaluronic acid is common in cosmetic, but its effects on joint health are not shown to be substantial. Even if it worked, we don’t know its dosage in Osteo Bi Flex – it could very well be underdosed.

Boron is a trace elemend found in apples and many other everyday foods. Its supplementation might improve testosterone production and bone health. But it doesn’t do much for joint function or pain specifically.

All things considered then, Osteo Bi Flex is a mixed bag. It contains a few generously dosed ingredients, but a large chunk of its formula is either ineffective or the doses are hidden in a proprietary blend. There’s a lot of pointless garbage in the product that you’ll be paying a premium price for.

While Osteo Bi Flex is more likely to give you an effect than Omega XL, it is far from the best joint stack we’ve seen.

Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: Safety Analysis

Both Omega XL and Osteo Bi Flex are natural and safe dietary supplements. They are unlikely to give you side effects.

The ingredients they use have been subject to safety tests and clinical trials, and haven’t been found to cause negative reactions when used in doses as low as in these supplements.

One caveat, though. We can’t see the doses of some ingredients in Osteo Bi Flex and Omega XL. As a result, it is possible that some of them are over-served and have a higher risk of causing side effects.

If you aren’t sure which of these two supplements is the safer option for you, talk with your doctor before taking them.

Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: User Reviews

Osteo Bi Flex and Omega XL are both well-reveiwed online. Out of the thousand testimonials that are available online, many of them have words of praise regarding the safety of these two supplements. You will sometimes stumble upon reviews that are negative, claiming they didn’t get the results they hoped for.

It’s worth taking these opinions with a pinch of salt, though. It can be difficult to tell which reviews are legitimate and which ones are paid ads. Even though Amazon and other big retailers claim they can filter out fake reviews, it’s quite easy nowadays to have a robot or a paid customer have a review published nowadays.

That said, looking at other “people’s reviews” can give you a pretty good idea of the product in general. Above all, these reviews will almost always show you if the product in question is a complete scam, or a legit one! The latter isn’t the case with Omega XL or Osteo Bi Flex.

Omega XL vs Osteo Bi Flex: Pricing & Value

A bottle of Omega XL will cost you $48, having 30 servings. You are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product.

Osteo Bi Flex’s price can vary depending on the version you choose and where you buy it from. A 120-capsule bottle of Osteo Bi Flex will cost you around $22 on Amazon. But sometimes, this price can go as high as $40. You need to do a thorough check before buying to make sure you get the best deal.

The Bottom Line

So, which one is better: Omega XL or Osteo Bi Flex?

The winner is Osteo Bi Flex. It will likely have more of an effect than its competitor, which doesn’t show any of its ingredient doses on the label. Omega XL could be 99% olive oil for all we can tell. Considering the price of $48.99, it’s definitely got too many downsides for us to recommend it as a good value.

Do we think that Osteo Bi Flex is the best supplement for joint pain and inflammation? Definitely not! It has some major downsides of its own, such as ineffective ingredients, and a proprietary blend. This makes Osteo Bi Flex fall behind some of the leading brands in the joint supplement industry.

A more comprehensive stack consisting of multiple proven joint health ingredients should be considered if you want the maximum safety and benefits for your joint health.

What do we recommend?

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  1. I have been using Osteo Bi Flex for years, should I stop using it for a week, I feel the difference. Immediately my back pain begins to bother me, I didn’t rely on commercials, it was thru word of mouth, my friend had tried for years to get me started on them because of lower back pain. After using it for one week, I knew It made a difference & I’m hooked, for life.

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