Our Brief Relief Factor Report: Is it “Snake Oil”? Is it a Scam or Not?

Relief Factor

Here’s our fact-check on claims regarding Relief Factor, a hugely popular joint health supplement that you can buy Over the Counter (OTC) around the world.

Relief Factor has generated a lot of hype lately, and so our team wanted to clear up some confusion regarding this natural supplement.

Questions such as “is Relief Factor a scam or not,”does Relief Factor really work,” and “is Relief Factor safe” will all be answered in the sections that follow.

This brief and concise report on Relief Factor will show you all of the key facts you need to know about Relief Factor. This way, we hope to help you decide for yourself whether Relief Factor is the right option for you, whether it’s an effective and healthy joint supplement, or a total rip-off as some claim – or something in between.

The claim: Relief Factor is a scam and snake oil supplement. It is ineffective for joint pain and the company that makes it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

The Short Answer: Relief Factor is a dietary supplement which is thought to help relieve joint inflammation. While a few of its ingredients are good, we have problems with their subscription plan, which seems to be causing issues for some customers. Considering the lack of better ingredient choices, Relief Factor isn’t the best we’ve seen. We do encourage you to read the rest of this Relief Factor report as well as our complete review of Relief Factor to get a more detailed insight into the validity of the claims behind this product.

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What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is among the world’s top-selling joint supplements right now. You’ll find countless positive Relief Factor reviews online, as well as dozens of reviewers telling us how amazing Relief Factor ingredients are. But what does Relief Factor actually do?

The official website of Relief Factor lists these benefits:

  1. Promote healthy inflammation reponse
  2. Reduce joint stiffness & aches
  3. Promotes long-term joint function

These benefits of the Relief Factor are nothing particularly exciting or out of the ordinary. Clearly, Relief Factor is a supplement designed as a natural alternative to managing joint pain caused by inflammation and age-related wear and tear.

There’s not much talk about improving mobility or flexibility. The product’s website doesn’t say it helps with healing connective tissues to protecting your joints. The only and the main promise is to reduce join pain associated with physical activity and getting older.

Some key facts about Relief Factor and its manufacturer:

  • Product Stock-Keeping Unit: relieffactor01
  • Product Company: Promedev LLC
  • Product Currency: USD
  • Product Pricing: $19.95
  • Price Valid Until: 2029-01-28
  • Product In-Stock: InStock

The main question we’ll answer here is, does Relief Factor really work as claimed? We’ll also quickly go over some basic manufacturer information to get a better idea of who we’re dealing with.

About Relief Factor’s Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Relief Factor is Promdev. Here’s their contact information:

Relief Factor
11335 NE 122nd Way Ste 140
Kirkland, WA 98034-6919
(800) 500-8384

The company doesn’t have the most gleaming of reviews on the Better Business Bureau, with a 1.78/5 score at the time of writing. Some users have complained about poor customer support and unauthorized credit card charges after buying Relief Factor.

This is not the greatest of starts for Relief Factor, but what does its ingredient profile tells us? Is it actually effective at doing what it claims to do? Let’s have a closer look.

What Ingredients Does Relief Factor Use?

What is inside Relief Factor?

Here is the ingredients label of the Relief Factor bottle:

Relief Factor ingredients

So, the main ingredients in Relief Factor are:

  • Epimedium (20% Icariin) – 200mg
  • Turmeric phospholipid (18% curcuminoids) – 667mg
  • Japanese fleeceflower (96% resveratrol) – 70mg
  • EPA – 647mg
  • DHA – 253mg

Looking at this ingredient list, do we think Relief Factor is capable on delivering on all its promises? We don’t believe it is.

There are some serious issues with the formula that need to be addressed before you make a decision about this product.

The main problem with Relief Factor is the usage of untested, and unproven ingredients. Japanese knotweed is a source of resveratrol, but it is not proven to improve joint health at all. Based on our research experience, we’ve never seen this ingredient in Relief Factor being properly investigated as a potential joint supplement, or any supplement in fact.

The same applies to Epimedium. There is no strong clinical evidence to support the use of Epimedium for joint pain. All we can find are the unverified claims about lowering inflammation.

It’s concerning how much of Relif Factor’s formula is taken up by unproven ingredients.

Even the ingredients that do work in Relief Factor, have some problems.

The turmeric that Relief Factor is using is plain turmeric – the type you’ll find at a supermarket. There is no black pepper extract in Relief Factor to improve turmeric’s poor absorption in the body.

It’s more cost-efficient to simply buy a bag of turmeric powder if you want to use it for joint pain relief.

It looks like Relief Factor is profiting massively from charging expensive prices but using cheap ingredients that you can buy from a local grocery store and save yourself a lot of money by doing so.

Relief Factor’s Ingredients: The Bottom Line

Resveratrol, Turmeric, Omega-3s, and Icarrin are the main ingredients in the Relief Factor supplement.

For us, the main ingredients are definitely the omega-3s and turmeric – as these will do most of the anti-inflammatory work here. Although, as we’ve said, it’s really hard for your body to utilize, there may not be enough supporting ingredients to give you full-spectrum joint support.

Is There Any Concern Regarding Relief Factor Side Effects?

One positive thing about Relief Factor is that side effects are rare, and when they do occur, most users report them being mild. There are reports of Relif Factor causing dizziness, loose stools, and nosebleends in the early stages of usage.

If you’re concerned about Relief Factor’s side effects, it’s best to check with your doctor to determine if you are qualified to take it. Especially if you have a condition or are taking a medication.

Relief Factor – How Much Does it Cost?

Relief Factor $93.95 for one month supply, plus shipping and handling. Not only is Relief Factor one of the most expensive supplements we’ve seen, it also has extremely confusing pricing.

$19.95 is the price for new customers – and only if you sign up for automatic shipments that follow. In other words, by subscribing to Relief Factor’s plan, you will be charged automatically in regular periods.

After 2 weeks of purchasing Relief Factor, the company will charge you an additional $99.95 for another 60-day supply and ship it to you. This will be an ongoing subscription. And it is something most customers complain about when talking about Relief Factor “snake oil” and “scam”.

If you have opted for one of the Relief Factor QuickStart introductory packs and don’t want this to happen to you, you will need to call their customer service number (800) 500-8384 and cancel your order.

You can also contact Relief Factor through their email address: [email protected] – but it may take longer than calling them directly.

If you have already received the 60-day supply and want to get a refund, you can, but only under the condition you haven’t opened the package. Make sure to study these details for Relief Factor’s shipping and returns program before buying it.

Our Relief Factor Rip-Off Report: Why It’s Not a Legitimate Joint Supplement

Relief Factor joint supplement is a rip-off in our experience because it says it is scientifically studied.

These are false claims- Relief Factor hasn’t undergone any clinical studies.

Additionally, Relief Factor is in no way scientifically advanced as most of its ingredients aren’t evidence-backed or properly dosed.

Relief Factor is an overpriced supplement in our experience. However, it does use omega-3s and turmeric. So while some people argue it’s a complete scam, we wouldn’t go that far. It certainly does have something to help with joint pain, but for the price, there are better options available.

For our full Relief Factor Rip-Off Report, head over here.

Final Thoughts on Relief Factor “Snake Oil” and “Scam” Complaints

We wouldn’t go as far as to label Relief Factor as snake oil. There are some ingredients in Relief Factor that are legitimate when it comes to supporting joint health.

A better question would be “Is Relief Factor the best joint supplement on the market?”. Given the confusing nature of the manufacturer’s business practices and the lack of more proven ingredients, we wouldn’t say it is.

We suggest reading our complete Relief Factor review before buying, as we believe there are better options to choose from. Relief Factor is extremely overpriced. Apart from omega-3s and turmeric, it contains unproven and pointless ingredients that haven’t been shown to reduce joint pain or improve joint function in any way. Even the turmeric in Relief Factor isn’t included in its most bioavailable form, and it’s lacking black pepper extract to improve its poor absorption.

Due to its major downsides, some customers will argue that Relief Factor is more like a rip-off factor. This is why there are so many Relief Factor rip-off reports online.

Don’t let the marketing hype fool you. Just because it’s got plenty of reviews, doesn’t mean there aren’t better and more affordable options out there – there certainly are.

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  1. You could buy better quality ingredients listed on this product from the store.
    There is no money back offer.Only the first bottle is $19.95 plus shipping plus tax.Its a subscription program meaning once they got your cc number, you will be sent monthly bottles, they make it difficult to cancel, may have to call visa.You have to take 12 pills a day, 4 pills 3 times a day. Ingredients too simplistic. guaranteed not to work.
    Save your money, look elsewhere

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