Relief Factor vs Factor 5: Which is Better?

Relief Factor vs Factor 5

Relief Factor and Factor 5 are both natural anti-inflammatory joint supplements that claim to reduce your joint pain, support connective tissue recovery, and heal your body from chronic pains and stiffness caused by arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Sadly, the ingredients in Relief Factor and Factor 5 don’t live up to these claims. Both supplements have some major issues – Relief Factor is missing many important core ingredients and it costs over $95 per bottle. On the other hand, Factor 5 consists of mostly unproven ingredients, and for that, you’re charged a whopping $65 per bottle.

While Relief Factor is the winner of this particular comparison – it has better ingredients than Factor 5 and it is more likely to give you a reduction in joint pain – it is still far from the best supplement we’ve seen at its price range.

Read on to find out why neither Relief Factor nor Factor 5 made it to our top 3 joint supplement list.

What do we recommend?

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Relief Factor vs Factor 5: Product Overview

Here we have a closer look at Relief Factor and Factor 5, their claims, and a little about their companies.

Relief Factor

Let’s start with Relief Factor. It is by far the more popular option, with thousands of customers and reviews written on it online.

However, do the benefits of Relief Factor live up to the hype it’s been getting? It claims to provide a 100% natural anti-inflammatory pain relief.

Specifically, you should notice a reduction in symptoms of arthritis and joint aches after taking Relief Factor for a few weeks.

We’ll find out very soon if that really is the case.

Factor 5

Factor 5 is marketed as a “fast-acting” advanced pain support supplement.

It contains 5 ingredients that are said to work in conjunction to help you:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort when walking and in everyday life
  • Relieve inflammation that is leading to joint breakdown
  • Support the strength of bones and connective tissues

Factor 5 claims to be an all-natural and non-habit forming proprietary formula, which they say makes it a great alternative to synthetic drugs and anti-inflammatory medications.

Let’s see if Factor 5 can really do what it claims and how it compares to Relief Factor.

Relief Factor vs Factor 5: Comparing the Ingredients

Relief Factor’s Ingredients

Relief Factor Ingredients Label & Information

Relief Factor contains a few great ingredients.

For one, we have turmeric. This is an ancient Indian spice known for its ability to suppress inflammation. It is also effective at managing pain directly (even the one that is not caused by inflammation).

As such, turmeric is one of the best natural supplements you can find for treating your joint issues. The only remark here is that Relief Factor contains plain turmeric powder; a concentrated extract would be more potent at relieving arthritis-related symptoms.

Another ingredient(s) we like is the omega-3 combination of EPA and DHA. These two are important for many aspects of your health, including managing inflammation in the body. By lowering inflammation levels, EPA+DHA can reduce your joint stiffness and help you move without pain.

Sadly, this is as good as it gets with Relief Factor. The remaining two ingredients – Epimedium and Japanese Fleeceflower – are not supported by enough human evidence for us to recommend them as safe and effective long-term joint health supplements. They are far from our favorite anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients, many of which are missing from Relief Factor.

The formula would be more effective if it included herbals like Boswellia Serrata, along with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These are just some basic ingredients you’d expect any good joint supplement to have. Sadly that’s not the case with Relief Factor.

Factor 5’s Ingredients

Factor 5 Ingredients

Factor 5 contains some incredibly weird ingredients. Not only most of the ingredients in Factor 5 are ineffective or unsupported by clinical evidence (Horsetail, Garlic, Celery), but we can’t even see their dosages on the label – because they are in a proprietary blend.

400mg is a tiny dosage for 5 ingredients; it averages just around 90mg per ingredient, which suggests that even if some of these ingredients worked, they are dosed too low to have any substantial effect.

The same goes for Turmeric Extract – which is really the only great inclusion in Factor 5’s formula.

At 20mg per serving, even as an extract, it’s so underdosed that it can’t produce the effects that we’d like from this ingredient.

We doubt you will notice any effects from using this supplement – it’s disappointing how many core ingredients are missing from its formula.

Even though Relief Factor has some major flaws, it is a superior formula to Factor 5 – without question.

Relief Factor vs Factor 5: Safety Analysis

In terms of safety, both Relief Factor and Factor 5 are relatively safe and unlikely to give you any side effects if you’re healthy and not taking any medications. If you do take any meds, be sure to check with your doctor before taking either of these supplements. Turmeric can interfere with some blood thinners.

Relief Factor vs Factor 5: User Reviews

In terms of customer reviews, Relief Factor takes the lead in both the sheer number of reviews, as well as the ratings. Still, Relief Factor has invested a lot into pushing the supplement to the masses, so many of its reviews are likely sponsored or paid ads, which makes it difficult to assess the quality of the supplement just by reading “testimonials” alone.

Relief Factor vs Factor 5: Pricing & Value

The pricing structure of Relief Factor is confusing to say the least! It costs $ 93.95 if you’re just buying the one-month supply, plus shipping and handling.

If you’re a new customer, you can get Relief Factor for $19.95, but as long as you sign up for the automatic shipments and credit card charges that follow. 

If you choose this second option, you will be charged again 2 weeks later, this time at $ 99.95 for another 2 month supply. This will be a recurring subscription. This complex and extremely expensive policy is a major complaint for most of Relief Factor’s unsuspecting customers. Is it a rip-off? We’ll let you be a judge on that one.

As for Factor 5, it costs $65 per bottle on Amazon, which, although cheaper than Relief Factor, is not budget-friendly by any means.

That said, at this price range, you can easily find higher-quality joint supplements on the market.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, neither Relief Factor nor Factor 5 makes the cut.

Both have some severe flaws that make them fall behind the leading brands.

For Relief Factor, that is the issue of lacking many important ingredients for joint pain and stiffness, along with using some cheap and low-quality ingredients (such as plain turmeric powder instead of a more expensive and more effective turmeric extract).

Factor 5, sadly, is even worse. Most of its ingredients are unproven and don’t have their dosages shown on the label. The one ingredient that does work in Factor 5, turmeric extract, is severely underdosed. The formula as a whole is unlikely to provide you with any improvement in your joint function and quality of life.

For the price that is being charged for these supplements, we’d look elsewhere.

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