Our Analysis of Relief Factor’s Side Effects: Is Relief Factor Safe?

Relief Factor

Welcome to our report on Relief Factor’s side effects. Relief Factor is one of the most hyped joint health products available today.

Hundreds, if not thousands of users have left testimonials for this product online – some claiming it worked wonders, while others said they didn’t get any benefits at all.

There are also individuals who complained about negative side effects from using Relief Factor.

In fact, one of the most commonly searched terms for Relief Factor online is “Relief Factor side effects”. Which is why we’re creating this article today.

In this report, our team is going to share our findings on this supplement, how it works in the long run, and if it is safe to take.

So, let’s go ahead and begin by talking about what Relief Factor is, how it works, and other basic information for anyone unfamiliar with the supplement.

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What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is a natural, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory supplement. It promises to mitigate pain, as well as relieve muscle and joint stiffness with its blend of botanicals and different nutrients.

The supplement claims to target the root problems from four different metabolic pathways to relieve pain from the source – inflammation.

Relief Factor should be taken consistently. The manufacturer claims the benefits you’ll experience will increase over time.

Who Developed Relief Factor?

Relief Factor was made by a team of father and son – Pete and Seth Talbott. Both are experienced marketers and businessmen with no medical expertise. They have been involved in other projects, such as coffee subscription services and software design.

Although they claim that Relief Factor was developed by a “team of doctors,” there are no details on their qualifications or credentials on the official website.

If Relief Factor was actually developed by doctors, then it obviously makes it a more trustworthy product for us. But if there are no actual experts involved in the making of the product, then this could mean an increased risk of side effects from Relief Factor.

At the end of the day, there’s only one way to find out – by checking the product’s ingredients and the scientific evidence behind them.

Safety Evaluation of Relief Factor’s Formula

Relief Factor ingredients

The active ingredients in Relief Factor are:

  • Epimedium (20% Icariin) – 200mg
  • Turmeric phospholipid (18% curcuminoids) – 667mg
  • Japanese fleeceflower (96% resveratrol) – 70mg
  • EPA – 647mg
  • DHA – 253mg

The good news is that the ingredients in Relief Factor are all well known and commonly used in supplements. Their doses are also clearly shown so we known how much we’re getting. And we aren’t getting a whole lot.

As a matter of fact, Relief Factor looks like a really safe joint supplement. Like almost all-natural joint supplements on sale today, Relief Factor consists of plant extracts, herbal powders, and some omega-3s, all of which are known to be safe in clinical studies.

Relief Factor’s ingredients are not known to cause noticeable side effects. As a result, the overall risk of side effects from using Relief Factor is extremely low.

Each ingredient in this product has been researched in clinical studies (although not always for their effectiveness for joint health). None of them have been found to pose a health risk. Even reports of mild side effects from the ingredients in Relief Factor are rare.

More importantly, their doses are fairly low. So, while Relief Factor might not boast the most effective formula we’ve seen, it’s definitely not the riskiest one either.

That being said, there are some ingredients in Relief Factor – such as omegas – that can cause side effects in a small number of people. Additionally, these side effects are typically mild.

Side effects from Relief Factor’s ingredients include:

  • Nausea
  • dizziness
  • Diarrhea & loose stool
  • Noselbleeds
  • Stomach Cramps

In an extremely rare case where these side effects occur, they should go away after you stop using Relief Factor.

But overall, Relief Factor looks like a healthy supplement for most users. Of course, everyone reacts to supplements differently. If you have allergies or intolerances, it’s best to check with your doctor to determine if it’s the right product for you.

All things considered, Relief Factor’s formula looks safe and is unlikely to cause side effects. The fact that some of the ingredients are unproven to do anything for joint health, as well as being underdosed and mostly ineffective, is a whole other topic.

If you have any other questions regarding Relief Factor’s ingredients, please get in touch with the manufacturer through email or by calling them directly.

You can also check our more detailed analysis of its ingredients here.

Relief Factor Side Effects – Reviews from Users

As we mentioned, there are countless reviews of Relief Factor online. Some of those include Relief Factor side effects reviews.

However, the good news is that those are quite rare. More common complaints about Relief Factor are regarding the poor customer service, the lack of money-back guarantee, and the ineffectiveness of the product when it comes to relieving joint problems. Many customers took to the Better Business Bureau website to pour their outrage on the manufacturer’s practices.

Here are some examples:

“My knees started bothering me after I took up a court game. I’ve been hearing about Relief Factor for some time on the radio, so I gave it try. This product did absolutely nothing for my knee pain. I even quit the court game to help out, and again, no help at all. I read the company comments about some sort of lag time in order to work, so I ordered the next shipment..question to the company is if it has “no drugs”, why is it so expensive? I used the entire next shipment 3 times a day as another claim says if the pain is bad, use 3 times a day. Absolute waste of money for this product no matter how their PR budget hires people with interesting accents.” – Shawn L. (BBB)

“I absolutely despise this commercial, especially that stupid lady who claims she’s a baseball coach, working gal. I ALWAYS press mute. If the company won’t refund your money just call your credit card company and they will give you an immediate credit and contact the company. Problem solved.” – Tia R. (BBB)

“Other than giving me a very irritable stomach this product has ZERO positive impact.” – Greg Y.

Relief Factor Dosage & Side Effects Warnings

Relief Factor has been on the market for a long time now and, as we’ve seen, reports of side effects have rarely emerged.

But in case you want to play it as safe as possible, you must stick to the dosage recommendations as well as warnings on the label. In fact, this is the best way to avoid Relief Factor side effects easily.


The safe and recommended dosage for Relief Factor is 2 packets per day. Each packet contains 2 capsules and 2 softgels, which means you will need to consume 12 pills of Relief Factor in total.

The manufacturer states you should take Relief Factor with food if you have a sensitive stomach.


People who’re on blood thinners should avoid using Relief Factor prior to talking to their doctor. This is because omega-3s in Relief Factor, along with other ingredients, may promote blood flow and blood thinning, which may result in interactions.

Note: we’re not medical doctors nor do we give medical advice. Make sure to speak to your MD or another qualified professional before using any supplement.

Conclusion on Relief Factor Side Effects

In our opinion, Relief Factor is one of the safer joint health supplements out there. However, we would still not recommend it. Relief Factor contains a poor choice of ingredients that, although safe, are mostly ineffective for promoting joint function or reducing pain.

The product contains Horny Goat Weed (epimedium), which is never typically seen in joint supplements, and is ineffective for anything joint health-related.

The bulk of the Relief Factor formula is made up of cheap, simple Turmeric. The same you can get from your nearest supermarket.

The best joint supplements use premium-quality turmeric extract which is more bio-available than regular turmeric. That said, Relief Factor just provides us 667mg of plain turmeric powder – we don’t even know how much curcumin it contains per serving!

The only other effective ingredient in Relief Factor is omega-3 complex. However, this is too basic and doesn’t differentiate it from other joint supplements. For the price, it’s much cheaper to just eat more fish for omega-3s and buy turmeric from a local supermarket.

All in all, Relief Factor side effects is not something to worry about for most users, but the lack of effectiveness and value for the price certainly is. Thus, we rate it as a poor joint supplement.

If you’re looking for the safest and most effective options for reducing joint issues, there are definitely better options available on the market today.

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  1. please cancel further orders, I don’t know if the Relief Factor or what but my husband has become combative since taking it.

    • Hi Jeannie,

      We do not sell Relief Factor. We do not sell any joint supplement for that matter. We’re here just reviewing joint supplements. We are supplement critics – not manufacturers. If you wish to cancel your orders, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the product in question – in this case, Relief Factor.

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