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Specialist Classes

All students participate in specialist classes each week and are asked to share their work in school-wide performances and exhibitions. Homeroom teachers collaborate with specialist teachers to integrate the arts into academic content areas through projects and cross-age experiential learning.

  • The art program connects students to the universal language of visual expression and helps them expand their imaginations. The process of discovery and self-expression is emphasized over the final product.
  • The music program integrates three core strands of movement, singing, and instrumental work.
  • The physical education program balances instruction in teamwork, coordination, skill building, game playing, body awareness, and overall fitness.
  • The STEAM program utilizes design thinking, in which empathy and human connection are held as valuable sources of insight and innovation in the creative process.
  • The Spanish program exposes students to another language and helps them celebrate diversity and embrace academic rigor.
  • The theater program helps students explore who they are, find their voice, and learn how to create and perform together.