Stopain Spray Review – Does it Really Stop Pain?

stopain spray review - updated

Stopain Spray Summarized


  • Contains menthol, which temporarily eases muscle and joint pain
  • Easy spray application to affected area
  • Affordable at around $24 for two bottles


  • The only active ingredient is menthol
  • Not a long-term solution


Stopain Spray is an over-the-counter product you can apply to your skin to diminish muscle and joint pain, or pain from scratches and bruises. The main ingredient inside is menthol which works to alleviate some of the arthritis symptoms. The problem is, it only works for a short period of time.

A better alternative would be a supplement using well-studied ingredients that are shown to diminish chronic joint inflammation, repair cartilage, and support flexibility. Menthol alone can’t do any of that!

What do we recommend?

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About Stopain Spray

Stopain Extra Strength Continous Pain Relief Spray is a spray formulated to:

  • Help you alleviate back pain
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Diminish muscle aches
  • Combat arthritis symptoms

Each bottle gives you 4oz of spray. You’ll also see there are different versions of Stopain products available, including Extra Strength Pain Relief Roll-On and Gel. Today, our focus will be on the spray.

As you might have already guessed, Stopain Spray is used topically; you’ll be spraying it directly onto your skin.

The main question we’ll be answering in-depth is; do claimed benefits of this product hold water? The first step is to analyze the ingredient formula.

What’s Inside?

stopain ingredients

If this picture didn’t load properly for you, the only main ingredient in Stopain Spray is Menthol. The rest are inactive ingredients in the formula which include:

  • citric acid
  • dimethyl sulfone (MSM)
  • water
  • peppermint oil
  • SD alcohol 39C
  • eucalyptus oil
  • glucosamine sulfate

Menthol is a chemical that is naturally found in peppermint and in some other mint oils. Menthol works as a decent pain reliever for our muscles and joints. The way it works is by stimulating nerve receptors to produce cooling and warming sensations which dulls your perception of pain in the affected area.

This will essentially be a distraction from the pain and inflammation deep in your joints. In other words, this spray masks pain temporarily—it doesn’t actually reduce chronic inflammation, or support joint healing, or promote long-term connective tissue function.

If you’re looking for a quality joint care product that will help with arthritis symptoms permanently, we think your best bet would be to look for a dietary supplement formula.

Are the Ingredients in Stopain Spray Good?

Menthol in Stopain Spray is a good ingredient and can temporarily ease the pain and stiffness in your joints. However, you may want something that will provide you with lasting effects that also promote joint tissue repair.

Some of the most effective studied ingredient for joint pain and inflammation include MSM, turmeric, selenium, and glucosamine. The best joint supplements use these compounds in synergy to provide you with a lasting, broad-spectrum improvement.

On the other hand, if you want to alleviate temporary issues such as injuries, bruises, or other forms of short-lived joint pain, Stopain Spray should work just fine for you.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

Stopain Spray should be applied on the affected area. You won’t need a bandage. If it is necessary, repeat the process, but don’t use the spray more than 4 times per day. It’s only intended for adults.

What do Others Say?

Most of the users were satisfied with Stopain Spray. Out of more than 4000 reviews on Amazon, 76% were 5-star reviews. However, there were also people with disappointing results.

Here’s what some of the customers said;

They were very hard to spray. Had to use my whole hand and got it all over my hand, my floor.– Imelda

This product does work, it stops the pain. You do need to keep using, though, until the muscle pain goes away. It’s temporary, but it works well for a while. It stops the pain, it doesn’t just cool it off, which does make it feel better, but this actually stops the pain for a while, until you have to ‘move a lot again’.– Stacy

What are the Negative Effects of Stopain Spray

You shouldn’t experience any side effects while using Stopain Spray if you follow the instructions. If you have sensitive skin, menthol can cause some side effects such as burning, stinging, or tingling sensation, or irritation of the skin.

If you’re not sure whether Stopain Spray is the right choice for you, you should always consult your physician.

Cost & Value

Stopain Spray is currently available on Amazon for the price of $23.69 for a pack of two bottles. They’re also available at Walmart for a similar price. Be sure to shop around for the best deals.

Stopain Spray Review: The Bottom Line

All in all, Stopain Spray could be a decent temporary solution to your joint pain problems. This product can help you ease the symptoms if you have bruises or if you experience regular pain. However, don’t let this trick you; unfortunately, this product won’t eliminate these symptoms permanently.

This cooling sensation of menthol can help in masking the pain temporarily. It’s a form of counterirritant, meaning it causes a mild irritation or another sensation to distract from the original pain. This can provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains, but that’s about it.

Menthol in Stopain Spray doesn’t directly reduce inflammation in the way that anti-inflammatory medications like NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) or some natural supplements like turmeric (curcumin) do. Menthol’s primary effect is on the sensory nerves, not on the underlying cause of the pain or inflammation.

  • Supplements that use high-quality ingredients usually tend to work better for arthritis symptoms, and some could even eliminate the symptoms permanently.

Stopain Spray is a decent choice, but if you have high expectations when it comes to long-term joint health, be sure to do more research.

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